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Esta aerolínea virtual expone que:

  • - Disponemos de una lista privada con todos los datos de los miembros activos.
  • - Cualquier piloto, de la nacionalidad que sea, tiene derecho y posibilidad para acceder y/o borrar sus datos.

* Haga click aquí para más información al respecto:



To start you must to be registered as a Company Member:

Go to Left side menu – Inicio de sesion (login) – Crear Nueva Cuenta (Create a new account) where you can fill your personal information. Webmaster will send you a confirmation message.

Remember if you were an old ALZ member, please, don’t forget including your ALZ id.

Once logged you can change your password.

There are more VA info in FAQs and Forum sections.

You’ve got several flight options:

OFFLINE – more personal so you can program your own flights according to our VA list of flights.

ONLINE – more recommended option, so you can share your flight with your fellows and you can be controlled by ATCs in real time. Go to IVAO for joining.

SCHEDULED – Our Company’s got a own section for this kind of flights. You can choose as you like.

ALZ TOURS – You can choose between our own tours and events or IVAO network events. Remember you need to logged as an IVAO member for it:

FSAIRLINES SECTION: Alandalus Airlines is a VA member in FSAirlines system, then you can join and participate as a pilot member for us: Remember you must to be registered in our Company for using our ALZ id.

IVAO PIREPS SYSTEM: Alandalus Airlines is also a certified VA member in IVAO pireps system, so you can join as a pilot for sending your ALZ flight pireps through IVAO network:

It’s only three easy steps:

  1. First you need to select the country by clicking on one of the name on the listing page
  2. In second step to select the VA by clicking on the registration code (enter column)
  3. Thirdly in the menu “Virtual Airline”, Pilots, Become member
  4. Please, before contact Alandalus Airlines VA Director by mail. So registering will be faster.


All ALZ member must use our Automatic Flights Reporting System: ANDALUSI (only Spanish version) for FS2004 and FSX.

both Offline or Online. You can download it by clicking DESCARGAS (Download) – GENERAL WEB – FS PROGRAMS.

Please use our contact page for more information or our active forum.



  1. Our main objective is creating a virtual simulation group for learning and sharing your own knowledges.
  2. We’ll always try to fly as real as possible, so you must find information about your flight, your F/P  and your aircraft.
  3. Use a right aircraft according to your flight. Please choose an aircraft that is suitable and can operate safely and within limits for every airport.
  4. The Max Allowed Speed of 250 kias should be observed below FL100 unless active ATC facility instructs otherwise.
  5. You must fly at least one flight a month.
  6. Inactive members, serious infringements or offence and innappropiate conduct will be out of Company immediately.
  7. You can fly both offline or online but we recommend last one, so you can enjoy in IVAO network. Please, pilots must monitor and communicate their intentions on UNICOM channel (122.80) and merge with other traffic accordingly, unless there is active ATC facility.
  8. You must report your flights through our ANDALUSI system and other systems when is required.
  9. Your online flights must be flown in real-time mode (1x sim rate, no accelerated mode is permitted) and using real weather source.